More about me?

This is the way I’m going to start my blogs now. With the word, “So yeah!”. Okay, so let’s try it out.

So yeah! My life, all almost 29 years of it was spent to prove something to somebody, to anybody who care. But this didn’t stop me from being the person I want to be. It may be skewed at times, well.. more than one time. Constant mistakes, trial and errors, a constant reminder that I am mediocre on some things. All that I can tell myself is, “at least I tried”, “no regrets!”, it has become my motto in life that I should try anything once and IF I do like it I’ll continue doing it, and IF I don’t like it I won’t continue with it anymore. Fun or not, I don’t get caught up in the hype. I have my own style, my own everything. I love playing sports though, any kind of sports that require physical performance, endurance, that was before.. when I was single and I had a lot of free time to exercise and do training. But now, I tell you, not anymore, maybe when my children gets older I can get back to my original shape. Hopefully! I just need to lose weight that’s all, I’m too heavy, my weight caused our sofa to cave in on parts where I lay down all the time. I think that I’m slightly overweight 20 kilos overweight! I don’t know if that counts as “slightly”. (Sigh) I would get back to my ideal weight somehow.I’m kind of athletic anyway, I’m sure.

Anyway, about my page name which is “SOMEDAYSOON”. It’s just something I thought of, with what I want to do in the future. Like, some day! I’ll be this person! Soon! like a tag line of some sort. I’ll achieve this some day! Because of being a stubborn person that I am, I can’t wait for to happen soon! Something like that. Well, that’s all for today!

Hope to see you Somedaysoon!

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