What it’s like to be in ME?!

So yeah! Today’s blog is going to be, what it’s like to be in my shoes. Everyday it’s the same thing, wake up at 7:30 in the morning prepare my kids’ daily milk and their breakfast. My kids are just the two most cutest babies! When I wake them up, their eyes trying to stay awake as they drink their milk. Cuties! Anyway, after they have drank all their milk it’s time for their breakfast, I prepare oats or eggs or cereals or whatever is available at the time. I heat their water for shower time, shampoo their hair and wash their bodies. I clothe them after that, prepare them for school, school bag with snacks! I send them to school.

By now, I should be starting work on my laptop. Studying new technologies and studying trends. Applying what I’ve learned into my work and such. It would only take me around 1-2 hours for my to learn it but not masterfully learned of course. I will have to test a lot, and I mean a lot of tests until I get things right. I inform my client what I’ve learned and together we innovate things to his professional life. I have no exciting things to do each day, some times if I do have money, I buy donuts for my wife and kids to indulge. But not always, I try if I can and if I can’t I just go home and play with my kids until they take their afternoon naps.

Night time, at this time I let them watch television for a little while and then put them to bed. Kiss their foreheads and I watch them as they fall asleep. As for me, not yet, no no no, I have to prepare the things that are needed for tomorrow. As they say, tomorrow starts today/tonight. Whatever. That’s it! Rinse and repeat! Good day everyone!


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