Have you achieved what you wanted for your life?

So yeah! Today’s blog is going to be about achievements, successes, accomplishments that I had in my life in the present. And the answer is NO! It’s a big phat no, well yes, I did accomplish “things” in life. But the deep-rooted “WANT” that I really want to achieve has not yet been fully achieved, and that is to be a practicing lawyer, a businessman, and to travel other countries with my family. I am getting older and “wiser” as they say, but that doesn’t change the fact that I haven’t achieved anything that I want in life.

I aspire for bigger things and life, and I can’t stop dreaming, dreaming BIG! is the main thing and I think the main purpose of a person who is living. I think that, the moment you stop dreaming is the time that you ended your “life” and your “existence” is not needed in this life.

It doesn’t mean that you’re dead or anything, it just means that since you don’t have something look forward to then there is no getting excited everyday because you know in yourself that you’re doing this thing that you do for something.

There are things in my life that I had to put on hold because my family needs me. I kept thinking that, since I am young then, I can just go back to chasing my dreams once my family gets settles. I did go back to chasing those dreams and I think that I’m on the right track. The problem is that, I am getting old FAST! I keep thinking to myself that there is always some silver lining to this! It’s taking a big toll on me, not on my family because my classes are at least at nights when my family is resting. I’m out here hustling and trying hard not to fail.

Well, the simple truth is that I know I can still do things! I am not that old but I’m getting to that point but not right now! You know what I mean? I still have time because the real end-goal that I want for myself is to become a legislator in my country. That’s the ultimate dream, yup, I’m no dummy. I have plans and ideas for my country to be great and I just want to be in the mix of things in the government.

That’s it! It’s a start for this kinds of blogs, May I ask anyone of you reading this. What have you done in your life right now that is brag-worthy? What is your ultimate goal?


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