Slow days

So yeah! Slow days! Do you ever have that feeling that days are so slow? And sometimes days or hours are so fast? Yeah. That’s right. I know how you feel.

Going back to the first question I made. The days, the hours, and the minutes seems so slow-moving that it’s dragging. And do you know why? I don’t. But I do have an explanation and here it is. The main reason time slows down in your perspective is that it has the element of anticipation, it has the element of looking unto the future, perhaps, but it’s mostly anticipation in my case.

Time slows down for me when there is something I look forward to but it’s on like after 2 or more week. The first week of waiting, my Gosh! I tell you, it’s going to be the longest 7 days, 168 hours, 1,080 minutes of my life! It’s like when you first heard of the plans for a trip or something will arrive to you or for you. Tick tock! Time slows down. The 7 days becomes a constant reminder of your agony waiting for those few days to pass by. Anyway, yes! Anticipation is the cause of misery when time slows down.

While I am ranting how time slows down, there is also a way to speed things up. Do you know how? I know how! It’s stress. Stress makes you old. I look older now than I look before and it’s been only 3 years since I look younger than my age. Right now, I look like a mess. I look old(er). Stress gets you that way like these: deadlines, not sleeping, bills, money problems, irregular sleep schedules of the kid(s) you have, pollution, weather, and a lot more that makes you stress. It will pump your blood with nonsense. Well, not totally nonsense but it makes your fill up with misery that you will eventually


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