About our house

So yeah! About our house.. small, cute, petite and what not. Like really small for our big family. Less than 30 square meters. 

Maybe because of a design flaw or just the way we liked it. The walls are thin, the ceiling can be reach when I tip-toe. I’m not even tall, I’m only 5’9″. With that height, I can scratch the ceiling(for fun). Everything is at an arm’s reach! Which is convenient and our tv which is as big as our wall. It’s easy to manage and very easy to arrange the stuff in it. Like, this is not even an exaggeration, one step to the table, sofa, ref, tv, toilet and just about 3 steps to the bedroom, 5 steps to the closet. And mind you, we have a walk-in closet. A walk-in closet that is bigger than any section of our house. 

I’m not complaining but this is our house and I love our house. My kids grew up here and this is the place we call home. 

We almost had to vacate this place because of the leaky roof, the small of cat poop at the roof beside our house, and a lot of leaky faucets and sinks. 

I just love our house! My kids’ pictures on the walls, a couple of paper cut-out birds and a cage, mirrors on the walls to make the illusion of a bigger house, posters of cartoons, a lot of windows but still very hot(I don’t know why), toys scattered in each and every corner of the house. It’s like a house built for kids. 

But no matter how much I love this house, we have to somehow make it bigger because our family and kids are getting bigger.


What I want as our house/building

What our house looks like compared to that building. We’re not rich or have enough money to be in those flat or a bigger apartment. 

But I’m very thankful for everything that we have right now and I think that if I changed something differently, everything would be different as well. I won’t have my wife and kids today, and that’s something that I can’t live without. I love my family and our house. 

A house is not a home when you’re just there alone. Not contented with life. 


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