I’ve been holding it in…

It’s not a fart, okay?

So yeah! I know that I have not been diary-ing my life through blogs the past few days or weeks but there’s a very good reason. I have 2 jobs, 2 children, businesses, and my schooling in the College of Law. 

It’s hard to balance things out. 

So that’s what I’m going to you about today! Oh yes, this is the one topic that I get to experience everyday because as a family man, a “businessman” of 2, an online web developer, an aspiring app developer, a student of law, you just have to find balance in all of the things that are good to your life. 

I mean mine not you, of course. 

This small things that I do will or might improve your skills of managing your time, budget your time as well as I struggle with it. But at the end of the day, I do accomplish a lot of stuff, I mean a whole of stuff that I can’t imagine that I can do when I was younger. Now that I think about it, I’m still blessed with some kind of a strong mind that could handle with this stress, and the curly hair that still has no white hair. But the face! My face! I know it got old fast, 3 years ago they wouldn’t even guess that my face and body is as old as I am. Now.. now? I’m 5 years older than I look and my body is rusty. I still do the same routine exercises but it doesn’t work like the past. 

So here are some tips to manage your stress!

Exercise. Having a sound body almost always gives you a sound mind. 

Eat. Pray. Love. Is a movie. Eating is one way to get your mind off the work that has piled up on you. But also remember that eat proportionately, you don’t want to pass your stress with food and eat your body away. 

Focus. I have trouble with this because my mind wanders. I have a very imaginative mind and I take myself to places where I haven’t been before. But in everything you do, focus, once you get your mind around that. Excellence!

Budget. Budget this, budget that! You’ll heat a lot of this in my blog because I studied business administration in my undergrad. Now that I have evolved into something like myself, it’s kinda weird being an IT, Business grad and hopefully a lawyer soon. Managing your time well will ultimately be your greatest asset when you do have a lot of things to do, if you can’t do it now. Do it right away the next day, don’t stop and never stop doing this and once you get the hang of it. Everything will fall into place and at its place for you, your life, your family, businesses, work and a whole of stuff.

Taking Notes. Yup! Take down notes, noted? Just keep note of anything new or something has tickled your mind. Say it, chant it, sing it and make it happen! 

There is nothing in this world that just gives you some inspiration, you have to go find it yourself or maybe hear it yourself. Once you do get that tingle, that “Yes I can” moment. You got it, you got yourself the tools to succeed in life. 

See you next time in this blog SomeDay soon!

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