My body is failing me..

So yeah! Yesterday’s post was like a million days ago because my body is failing me.

Everything is hurting! (Ouch!)

So a little back story of this morning.. I went to a simple jog at our very own athletic bowl.

Yup that’s about the size of it. Although I don’t know that exactly. Anyway, just 2 rounds around this thing and then there goes my lower back pain. Did I mention that it was excruciatingly painful? But I persevered, 7 more rounds in fact then a long walk back home uphill with this super tight lower back pain of mine. I was supposed to wait and maybe drink water for a little while until the pain subsides. But no! Yes, I didn’t take any rest and walked straight back home. Did I stop and holding my lower back like an old man? Yup. All the way home like a little trooper I am.


So Eventually, I got home. Suprisingly, it took me longer to walk back home than the jog I made. Hmm.. But with the pain that I was experiencing at that time. I was suprised myself and I couldn’t believe it! When I sat down beside my daughter on our couch, I fell asleep for two freakin’ hours with the feeling of soreness all over my body. It felt like somebody’s possessing my body and rented it for awhile and made it roll around a concrete floor.

Pain just pain. That would not go away! I need a chiropractor bad, too bad there isn’t any chiropractor here. All I can do is stretch myself out and hopefully it all goes away.

Anyway, I was thinking of doing it again tomorrow! See you on the next blog! SomeDaySoon!

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