What am I doing??

So yeah! What the heck am I doing with my life? I’m getting heavier by the minute! That’s why I’m trying to jog the past few days even with the pain on my back that is really killing me. All I can do is stretch it out get some relief and once that’s done, it’s back to the pain again. This is what, well part of i reallyt, that’s keeps me up at night! 

The pain that really would not go away. Physical pain not any other pain, felt like It was needed to be said. 

Anyway, yeah! I’m trying to make up a plan for myself to at least lose a couple of pounds/kilos because I feel heavy and look heavy but I still have the strength to carry my body weight now(92kgs at 5″9′). Not ideal, I am really struggling with it. I eat less, and drink water more. I have the occasional leftovers from my kids which I think that is making me like this. 

I think.

Well nothing better to do now but to exercise! Jog for an hour at the athletic bowl where the old peeps are running faster than me because I keep on bracing my back for the pain. I even wore a some kinda belt that I squeeze unto the painful part of my back to at least put the pain elsewhere. (Sigh) The struggles of being old with an older body that is not used to the pain. 

I will get better though, I have high hopes that I can do this! See you on the same blog! SomeDay Soon!

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