Overactive Imagination

So yeah! I’ve been imagining things again. The past, how it happened and how it affects the way I am today. There are things that we wished to have happened differently now that you’re all grown up and know better. I am one those people who wish to have done differently when I was younger, The “I should have done that! I should have done this!”. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the life I have right now. I love my life right now, my wife and kids, are the best thing that ever happened to me. Some people, I’m one of those, who also thinks that I should have done this or that to have given myself the right state of mind and in the right some sort of right financial strategy to better take care of my family. Honestly, I could have been one of those, What could have been, the potential is almost limitless. But to think that, I would be like this, like a fly on the wall. I never did measure up to what was expected of me, I’ve never had any regrets to anything that I’ve done in the past. I am proud of what I am, I am proud that I have my own family at a young age. I can take care of my family, well not the best dad, but I try to be the best dad to my kids everyday, the best friend and best husband to my wife., the best brother to my brother and sister, the best son to my parents. People may love me or hate me the way I am, but I chose to be like this. This is the way I am, the past, the present, and the future, this is the path I chose and this is my life is destined to be.

This is me. (not the song)


So yeah! Definitions! It’s the science of how we define things in our everyday life. Why do we do it? I don’t know. But do we need it? Yes! So let’s define one word or phrase or some kinda jumbled up word.

False Accomplishments.

False and Accomplishment. Totally opposite words. But what about it? How do you define it? For me, of course this is my blog and topic for today, it is something you wanted to do but nobody ever saw you do it. This means you did something unbelievable and it turns out to be really unbelievable. What a cruel world we live in, right? Yes? No? Alright. Let’s dig in deep to this word some more! Here we go!

I’ll give an example, you and your partner, had a recent falling out period and on this period. You decided to smoke again(if you’re a smoker that is, I’m not btw), just something to brag about with your friends, tough guy talk, but did you really win with the falling out period because you went back smoking? Nope. But did it feel good, for yourself esteem maybe. Face it, your ego was hurt by the falling out period and that’s why you did that. I, for one, do this sometimes. But I do drink liquor so so so far in between, I mean I like drinking but I don’t like to wake up the next morning feeling worse than what I felt before that.

False accomplishments are often petty and are just temporary boosts to your ego, but it does not change the fact that I, we, you, are built to do the right thing in the end. Maybe these false accomplishments just represents what you wanted but what you really need it someone to notice you. A cry for help, perhaps? No, I think it’s deeper than that. I want you to carry on about your life like what you were meant to do. Wo-Man Up!

The benefits of a Good Relationship

So yeah! Today I’m going to talk about the benefits of a good and healthy relationship. A good relationship does not always mean to your partner but also to all the other people around you. Like your family, kids, friends, and to whomever you have a close relationship. These are some of the tips that I want to share with you, my reader/s:


Trust-worthy. You should be true to your word. Never going back to your words, always remember that your words are what represents you and your personality.

Admit mistakes. I know I know, you don’t make mistakes but if you do and when you do. You should apologize and just admit your mistakes. Admitting that you were wrong takes a lot of courage and humility perhaps, that could save your relationship. But that’s the thing, right? Apologizing is that HARD!

When you do apologize don’t start to blame the other person whom you’re apologizing because that does not work.

Listen. Just listen and be a friend. Listening takes skill and patience, when you get stuck with one person telling you something that is very deep and important to him/her. Just listen, endure and relate. Why? Because you’re human, and he/she is human and who can he/she relate to? Nobody but you. That’s why!

Encourage. When that person is down. You should come and pick him/her up. Nobody like a downer, a simple words of encourage could come a long way. It will not only encourage him/her but he/she will thank you for that in the future. Maybe not in words but in actions, you’ll have a deeper relationship with him/her because of that.

Support. Every person who has ever had friends, family, wife and kids has that time when he/she has a “lost moment”. Having a lost moment usually happens when he/she can’t decide. We all have that, and some people ask other people for advice. Advice, what a weird thing to say other people when you yourself also does not know what to do when that time comes. Anyway, when you do give advice, you’d think that they’ll follow what you’re saying but nope! They don’t! So what you’ll do is, this usually happens when you do give advice: You give your advice addressing the problem and by gosh that was good advice. Some of the best advice that you will ever give one person in your standards. They listen attentively, but do they do it? No, they don’t. Because when they do ask for advice, they have already set their plans/advice for themselves. So what will you do in your end? Yup, that’s right. Support them, just support them with whatever they do.

Communication. Constant communication, communicating with other people are one of the few things that are somewhat enjoyable. Like asking, “How’s it doing, How’s life treating you? What are you doing now for livelihood, money, family, children?”. You can even hear gossip that you don’t give a what about. Communicate with other people. There’s no other way other than that. Communicate by email, text, call, or any other modes you have. That will create a “bridge” that you may have forgotten from your past relationships.
That’s all for today! See you next time!