What am I doing??

So yeah! What the heck am I doing with my life? I’m getting heavier by the minute! That’s why I’m trying to jog the past few days even with the pain on my back that is really killing me. All I can do is stretch it out get some relief and once that’s done, it’s back to the pain again. This is what, well part of i reallyt, that’s keeps me up at night! 

The pain that really would not go away. Physical pain not any other pain, felt like It was needed to be said. 

Anyway, yeah! I’m trying to make up a plan for myself to at least lose a couple of pounds/kilos because I feel heavy and look heavy but I still have the strength to carry my body weight now(92kgs at 5″9′). Not ideal, I am really struggling with it. I eat less, and drink water more. I have the occasional leftovers from my kids which I think that is making me like this. 

I think.

Well nothing better to do now but to exercise! Jog for an hour at the athletic bowl where the old peeps are running faster than me because I keep on bracing my back for the pain. I even wore a some kinda belt that I squeeze unto the painful part of my back to at least put the pain elsewhere. (Sigh) The struggles of being old with an older body that is not used to the pain. 

I will get better though, I have high hopes that I can do this! See you on the same blog! SomeDay Soon!

My body is failing me..

So yeah! Yesterday’s post was like a million days ago because my body is failing me.

Everything is hurting! (Ouch!)

So a little back story of this morning.. I went to a simple jog at our very own athletic bowl.

Yup that’s about the size of it. Although I don’t know that exactly. Anyway, just 2 rounds around this thing and then there goes my lower back pain. Did I mention that it was excruciatingly painful? But I persevered, 7 more rounds in fact then a long walk back home uphill with this super tight lower back pain of mine. I was supposed to wait and maybe drink water for a little while until the pain subsides. But no! Yes, I didn’t take any rest and walked straight back home. Did I stop and holding my lower back like an old man? Yup. All the way home like a little trooper I am.


So Eventually, I got home. Suprisingly, it took me longer to walk back home than the jog I made. Hmm.. But with the pain that I was experiencing at that time. I was suprised myself and I couldn’t believe it! When I sat down beside my daughter on our couch, I fell asleep for two freakin’ hours with the feeling of soreness all over my body. It felt like somebody’s possessing my body and rented it for awhile and made it roll around a concrete floor.

Pain just pain. That would not go away! I need a chiropractor bad, too bad there isn’t any chiropractor here. All I can do is stretch myself out and hopefully it all goes away.

Anyway, I was thinking of doing it again tomorrow! See you on the next blog! SomeDaySoon!

Renewed Enthusiasm

So yeah! I have been “out” for so long.. I have a lot of things that went right and wrong during those times but still here I am blogging, trying hard to make my family’s life more comfortable for the future. I have been losing faith on what I’m doing the past month or so but now, I think that I have some kind of  “Renewed Enthusiasm”.


v. re·newedre·new·ingre·news

1. To make new or as if new again; restore: renewed the antique chair.
2. To take up again; resume: renew an old friendship; renewed the argument.
3. To repeat so as to reaffirm: renew a promise.
4. To regain or restore the physical or mental vigor of; revive: renewed my spirits in the country air.

a. To arrange for the extension of: renew a contract; renew a magazine subscription.
b. To arrange to extend the loan of: renewed the library books before they were overdue.
6. To replenish: renewed the water in the humidifier.
7. To bring into being again; reestablish.

1. To become new again.
2. To start over.
*Taken from: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/renewed

1. Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause.
2. source or cause of great excitement or interest.
3. Archaic

a. Ecstasy arising from supposed possession by a god.
b. Religious fanaticism.
IF you had time to read on those definitions then, you are welcome that I gave you that knowledge and if not, just go on reading this and maybe you can get what I mean with what I meant by “Renewed Enthusiasm”.
Keep on reading!
Yup! Renewed Enthusiasm about family, life, business, studies, among other things. Just a general feeling of enthusiasm, something to look forward to in the future. With FUTURE meaning at least 5-10 years from now and it looks promising. What I was thinking was that if I can set up the general foundation now for my family specially my children, they would have at least a “good life”, a more comfortable life than what we have now, which is.. Can I say? Optimistic for the future? Yup. I think that’s the right word for it. I have said it about almost amounting to a million times to myself and to those who are close to me that there will always be a silver lining after this, heavy heavy storm that we are experiencing now. There is no other way from it or to it? hmm.. Maybe I’m just not generally a negative-thinker, but without the plans and strategies for the success that we will eventually have in the future makes me very optimistic.
I would show you(the reader) a little run-down to my future plans which are doable. Doable for me and may as well be doable for anybody.
See you on the next blog! SomeDay Soon!

I’ve been holding it in…

It’s not a fart, okay?

So yeah! I know that I have not been diary-ing my life through blogs the past few days or weeks but there’s a very good reason. I have 2 jobs, 2 children, businesses, and my schooling in the College of Law. 

It’s hard to balance things out. 

So that’s what I’m going to you about today! Oh yes, this is the one topic that I get to experience everyday because as a family man, a “businessman” of 2, an online web developer, an aspiring app developer, a student of law, you just have to find balance in all of the things that are good to your life. 

I mean mine not you, of course. 

This small things that I do will or might improve your skills of managing your time, budget your time as well as I struggle with it. But at the end of the day, I do accomplish a lot of stuff, I mean a whole of stuff that I can’t imagine that I can do when I was younger. Now that I think about it, I’m still blessed with some kind of a strong mind that could handle with this stress, and the curly hair that still has no white hair. But the face! My face! I know it got old fast, 3 years ago they wouldn’t even guess that my face and body is as old as I am. Now.. now? I’m 5 years older than I look and my body is rusty. I still do the same routine exercises but it doesn’t work like the past. 

So here are some tips to manage your stress!

Exercise. Having a sound body almost always gives you a sound mind. 

Eat. Pray. Love. Is a movie. Eating is one way to get your mind off the work that has piled up on you. But also remember that eat proportionately, you don’t want to pass your stress with food and eat your body away. 

Focus. I have trouble with this because my mind wanders. I have a very imaginative mind and I take myself to places where I haven’t been before. But in everything you do, focus, once you get your mind around that. Excellence!

Budget. Budget this, budget that! You’ll heat a lot of this in my blog because I studied business administration in my undergrad. Now that I have evolved into something like myself, it’s kinda weird being an IT, Business grad and hopefully a lawyer soon. Managing your time well will ultimately be your greatest asset when you do have a lot of things to do, if you can’t do it now. Do it right away the next day, don’t stop and never stop doing this and once you get the hang of it. Everything will fall into place and at its place for you, your life, your family, businesses, work and a whole of stuff.

Taking Notes. Yup! Take down notes, noted? Just keep note of anything new or something has tickled your mind. Say it, chant it, sing it and make it happen! 

There is nothing in this world that just gives you some inspiration, you have to go find it yourself or maybe hear it yourself. Once you do get that tingle, that “Yes I can” moment. You got it, you got yourself the tools to succeed in life. 

See you next time in this blog SomeDay soon!


So yeah! Just heard that we had 20 bar passers on our school! That’s great cause that doesn’t happen often, enough. The school of law almost went down with the low rating we had the past couple of bat exams.

Great job for the bar passers and attorneys! And most specially great job for the professors who taught them well!
God Bless!

How to be someone else

Love the team, hate the management

So yeah! Sometimes on somedays I want to be someone else. Does it help my cause of being a better version of myself? Yes? I don’t know. But here’s the thing, nobody is going to notice it and they’ll view that as you being you. 


Now I’m not the best example of being a unique person. I try to emulate what my dad is doing, up to now he is still doing something for us. For me, my dad is the single-best-super-human being in my mind. He is simply my hero as a child up to now.

However, no matter how much I try to impress my dad. I can’t seem to live up to expectation. Because I know deep inside that I’m not perfect and I do make a lot of mistakes. Even I am kidding myself with the word “a lot”, because that’s an understatement. I make even more than that.

Believe me. 

So enough about that, let’s talk about sports! Yup, that’s where I’m good at. Have you ever heard of people yelling out “Curry!”, “Kobe!”, and a lot more. I’m a fan of all the NBA players. But I try to be like them when we play basketball like once a week for 2-3 hours under the hot sun. That’s good emulation if only I was a little bit taller then I could have competed at a higher level here. But the sad truth is, I didn’t. The talent and skills are there but the height that is required here to play on a higher level, well NO.

Anyway, I’m sad enough as it is. But that doesn’t stop me from yelling names of old NBA players who I tried to emulate when I was younger and I tell you I have talent though I got old and slow and PHAT, okay?! I’m a dad, okay! No excuses, I did let myself go for a little and put on “some” weight. Which means that my leap is not as high anymore, I’m slower, can’t bend as much, but I make do with my power and skill. 

Another day another blog. See you on the next blog SomeDaySoon!

About our house

So yeah! About our house.. small, cute, petite and what not. Like really small for our big family. Less than 30 square meters. 

Maybe because of a design flaw or just the way we liked it. The walls are thin, the ceiling can be reach when I tip-toe. I’m not even tall, I’m only 5’9″. With that height, I can scratch the ceiling(for fun). Everything is at an arm’s reach! Which is convenient and our tv which is as big as our wall. It’s easy to manage and very easy to arrange the stuff in it. Like, this is not even an exaggeration, one step to the table, sofa, ref, tv, toilet and just about 3 steps to the bedroom, 5 steps to the closet. And mind you, we have a walk-in closet. A walk-in closet that is bigger than any section of our house. 

I’m not complaining but this is our house and I love our house. My kids grew up here and this is the place we call home. 

We almost had to vacate this place because of the leaky roof, the small of cat poop at the roof beside our house, and a lot of leaky faucets and sinks. 

I just love our house! My kids’ pictures on the walls, a couple of paper cut-out birds and a cage, mirrors on the walls to make the illusion of a bigger house, posters of cartoons, a lot of windows but still very hot(I don’t know why), toys scattered in each and every corner of the house. It’s like a house built for kids. 

But no matter how much I love this house, we have to somehow make it bigger because our family and kids are getting bigger.


What I want as our house/building

What our house looks like compared to that building. We’re not rich or have enough money to be in those flat or a bigger apartment. 

But I’m very thankful for everything that we have right now and I think that if I changed something differently, everything would be different as well. I won’t have my wife and kids today, and that’s something that I can’t live without. I love my family and our house. 

A house is not a home when you’re just there alone. Not contented with life. 

Overactive Imagination

So yeah! I’ve been imagining things again. The past, how it happened and how it affects the way I am today. There are things that we wished to have happened differently now that you’re all grown up and know better. I am one those people who wish to have done differently when I was younger, The “I should have done that! I should have done this!”. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the life I have right now. I love my life right now, my wife and kids, are the best thing that ever happened to me. Some people, I’m one of those, who also thinks that I should have done this or that to have given myself the right state of mind and in the right some sort of right financial strategy to better take care of my family. Honestly, I could have been one of those, What could have been, the potential is almost limitless. But to think that, I would be like this, like a fly on the wall. I never did measure up to what was expected of me, I’ve never had any regrets to anything that I’ve done in the past. I am proud of what I am, I am proud that I have my own family at a young age. I can take care of my family, well not the best dad, but I try to be the best dad to my kids everyday, the best friend and best husband to my wife., the best brother to my brother and sister, the best son to my parents. People may love me or hate me the way I am, but I chose to be like this. This is the way I am, the past, the present, and the future, this is the path I chose and this is my life is destined to be.

This is me. (not the song)


So yeah! Definitions! It’s the science of how we define things in our everyday life. Why do we do it? I don’t know. But do we need it? Yes! So let’s define one word or phrase or some kinda jumbled up word.

False Accomplishments.

False and Accomplishment. Totally opposite words. But what about it? How do you define it? For me, of course this is my blog and topic for today, it is something you wanted to do but nobody ever saw you do it. This means you did something unbelievable and it turns out to be really unbelievable. What a cruel world we live in, right? Yes? No? Alright. Let’s dig in deep to this word some more! Here we go!

I’ll give an example, you and your partner, had a recent falling out period and on this period. You decided to smoke again(if you’re a smoker that is, I’m not btw), just something to brag about with your friends, tough guy talk, but did you really win with the falling out period because you went back smoking? Nope. But did it feel good, for yourself esteem maybe. Face it, your ego was hurt by the falling out period and that’s why you did that. I, for one, do this sometimes. But I do drink liquor so so so far in between, I mean I like drinking but I don’t like to wake up the next morning feeling worse than what I felt before that.

False accomplishments are often petty and are just temporary boosts to your ego, but it does not change the fact that I, we, you, are built to do the right thing in the end. Maybe these false accomplishments just represents what you wanted but what you really need it someone to notice you. A cry for help, perhaps? No, I think it’s deeper than that. I want you to carry on about your life like what you were meant to do. Wo-Man Up!


So yeah! I have not been posting much blogs the past few days but I’m not slacking though.. I write on my phone app but for some reason, when I save what I’ve wrote it did not save as unpublished or as a draft. So it’s all gone now, I have to remember it all for the meantime. I mean they’re not high quality articles but those are some things that I wanted to share to you, my reader. I do care about you and I want to provide as much content/blog everyday.

Thank you for still reading and liking this blog! See you on the next blog SomeDay Soon!

Meme Day!

So yeah! Today we’ll be looking at a meme. This time it’s called  umm.. I’ll call it keeping his promise or keeping true to your word. In this picture where the caption is “Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you”. So in that note, he hugged her daughter so her dad hugged him the same way. So the list goes on.. keep it yourself and your imagination and just keep it that way!

Have fun! Always remember that a picture can tell a thousand words and a thousand meanings!


photo grabbed from: 9gag.com

Slow days

So yeah! Slow days! Do you ever have that feeling that days are so slow? And sometimes days or hours are so fast? Yeah. That’s right. I know how you feel.

Going back to the first question I made. The days, the hours, and the minutes seems so slow-moving that it’s dragging. And do you know why? I don’t. But I do have an explanation and here it is. The main reason time slows down in your perspective is that it has the element of anticipation, it has the element of looking unto the future, perhaps, but it’s mostly anticipation in my case.

Time slows down for me when there is something I look forward to but it’s on like after 2 or more week. The first week of waiting, my Gosh! I tell you, it’s going to be the longest 7 days, 168 hours, 1,080 minutes of my life! It’s like when you first heard of the plans for a trip or something will arrive to you or for you. Tick tock! Time slows down. The 7 days becomes a constant reminder of your agony waiting for those few days to pass by. Anyway, yes! Anticipation is the cause of misery when time slows down.

While I am ranting how time slows down, there is also a way to speed things up. Do you know how? I know how! It’s stress. Stress makes you old. I look older now than I look before and it’s been only 3 years since I look younger than my age. Right now, I look like a mess. I look old(er). Stress gets you that way like these: deadlines, not sleeping, bills, money problems, irregular sleep schedules of the kid(s) you have, pollution, weather, and a lot more that makes you stress. It will pump your blood with nonsense. Well, not totally nonsense but it makes your fill up with misery that you will eventually